Amsterdam Recording Company
Recording, Mixing & Mastering Studio

Control Room (35m²/377ft²)

Our Control Room, the center of it all. It is built around a 32 channel Polygram console and two B&W 808 monitors. Special attention has been given to the signal path to ensure the highest quality.  Both the acoustics and the design detail make it a relaxing environment to work.


1972 Polygram, 32 channel desk

At the heart of the studio is a unique 32 channel Polygram (Philips) mixing console from 1972. The console was originally constructed by Philips because they felt that the top consoles at the time weren’t good enough for their prestigious Polygram studios and therefore decided to build their own. In doing so they set a standard which, in our opinion, has never been matched since.


The desk can be completely disassembled and put in flightcases and because of that fact it has literally toured the world to recorded artists like Genesis.

Control Room Gear


• POLYGRAM - 32 channel desk

• Philips LDC 15 - 12 channel desk (on request)



• B&W 808 Farfields with BRYSTON 6B (mono) on low and BRYSTON 4b (mono) on mid/high

• DYNAUDIO BM6A Monitors

• Adam ANF10 

• Yamaha NS10 with Quad Mono Amp BBC modified



• Metric Halo ULN8 (3x)
• Lynx Aurora w/ LT-HD



• Pro Tools 10 HD
• Pro Tools 11 HD
• Logic Pro 9.1.8
• Harrison Mixbus 3.3.67



• Mac Pro 8-Core

• Telefunken M15 16-Track 2” (on request)

• Telefunken M15 2-Track 1/4” (on request)

• Philips 2-Track 1/4” Tube Recorder (on request)



• AKG BX20 Spring Reverb 1x

• AKG BX25 spring Reverb 1x

• EMT 252 Ultra Rare Multi effect processor plus remote 1x

• Audio Developments Compressor AD066 1x

• Audio Developments Compressor AD055 (mono/stereo) 1x

• RCA BA11A Tube Mic Preamp 3x (on request)

• RCA Tube Mixer 1x (on request)

• RCA OP7 4-1Tube Mixer 1x (on request)
• Neve preamps 1176 la2a la4a(2x)

• DBX 786 Blue Series Stereo Tube Preamp with 704x Digital Output Card

• DBX 160SL Stereo Tube Compressor

• UREI 1176 Compressor + stereo link 2x

• UREI BL40 1x

• UREI LA4 1x

• Universal Audio LA2ATube Compressor 1x

• Krohn Hite Tube Filter 1x (on request)

• Krohn Hite Transistor Filter 1x (on request)

• Rhode & Schwarz Compressor 1x (on request)

• Siemens V77 Tube High Gain Preamp 3x

• Siemens V72 (Klangfilm version KLV72 found these beauties NOS) 2x

• Siemens V72A 1x


• Siemens V74 Tube Line Amp 1x

• Siemens U74 Tube Mic Pre/Compressor (combination of a V72 and a U73) 4x

• TLAudio Tube EQ 1x

• TLAudio Tube Pre 1x

• TLAudio Tube Compressor 2x

• Glensound BBC BOX 6 x EQ + 2 x Compressor

• Valley International Gatex Gate/Expander

• Radial Phazer - 4 channels

• Symetrix Equalizer 2x


Live Room (75m²/807ft²)

The studio has a nice big live room (75m²/807ft²), with a perfect balance between reflection and absorption which ensures amazing natural sounding recordings in the full frequency range. The large space and how we've set everything up also allows musicians to record together in one room, thus capturing the energy of playing live on tape.




• Sennheiser MD441 4x

• Sennheiser MD421 5x

• Sennheiser MD412 1x

• Shure SM57 2x

• Shure SM58 1x

• Shure BETA58 1x

• Shure BETA57 1x

• RCA BK1 1x

• RCA 88 1x

• RCA 2x

• RCA Lapelmic 3x

• Altec 2x

• AKG D112 2x

• AKG 202 1x

• Philips 2x




• Yamaha Drum Kick 1x

• Electrovoice RE20 2x

• Electrovoice 667 1x

• Electrovoice 668 1x

• Electrovoice 3x

• Telefunken 400 1x

• Blue Ball 1x




• RCA BX44 1x

• RCA 77DX 2x

• RCA BK5A 1x

• RCA 74JR 5x 

• RCA Varicoustic 1x 

• Beyerdynamic M320 1x


• Blue Bottle Rocket with B8 4x 

• Blue Bottle Capsule B7 

• Blue Bottle Capsule B6 2x 

• Blue Bottle Capsule B4

• Audio Technica 4033 1x 

• Audio Technica 

• Neumann TLM103 1x 

• Neumann TLM49 1x

• Neumann KMR81 2x 

• Sony C48 1x 

• AKG 414 2x 

• Calrec 1x

• Altec 4x 

• CAD Equitek 1x 

• Violet Design Transistor body for bottle caps 1x

• Violet Design Flamingo Magic Ear 1x


• Neumann CMV563 Bottle 3x 

• Neumann Capsule M7 2x 

• Neumann Capsule MK55 3x 

• Neumann CMV3 Bottle 1x

• Neumann CMV5 Bottle 1x 

• Neumann KM54 2x 

• Neumann KM53 2x 

• Neumann KM64 1x

• Violet Design Flamingo Standard 1x 

• Altec Lipstick Mic 1x 

• Altec 150 Coke Bottle Mic System 2x 

• Schoeps CM60 1x

• Schoeps CM640 1x 

• Sony C37A 1x

• Blue large bottle mic with interch. capsule system 2x


Amps & Strings


• Traynor 1960’s Bassmaster Combo Tube Amp

 • Sunn Sorado Tube Amp

 • Sunn Spectre Tube Amp

 • Sunn Enforcer Tube Amp

 • Sound City 120watt Tube Amp

 • Hiwatt 2000 Combo Tube Amp

 • Marshall JCM900 Tube Amp

 • Marshall 25th anniversary 50 Watt Tube Amp

 • Marshall Mosfett 100 Transistor Amp

 • Ampeg 1964 Mercury Combo Tube Amp

 • Ampeg V4 Tube Amp (pre-Magnavox)

 • Ampeg SVT Tube Amp (pre-Magnavox)

 • Soldano Avenger Tube Amp

 • Soldano SLO60 Tube Amp

 • Gallien Krueger RB800 Transistor Amp

 • Sovtek MIG100 Tube Amp

 • Sovtek MIG60 Tube Amp

 • Sovtek MIG30 Tube Amp

 • Fender ‘66 Bassman Tube Amp (modified to ‘64 specs)

 • Hiwatt Cab 4x12”

 • Sunn Cab 6x12”

 • Sunn Cab 2x15”

 • Marshall 4x10”

 • Ampeg 4x10” 1x15”

 • Ampeg 4x12”

 • London City 2x15”

 • Traynor 2x12”

 • Marshall 4x12”


 • Dearmond M75 Guitar

 • Dearmond M70 Guitar

 • Dearmond M77T Guitar

 • Dearmond X155 Semi-Accoustic Guitar

 • Dearmond Starfire Semi-Accoustic Guitar

 • Dearmond Bass Guitar

 • Dearmond Jet Star Special Guitar

 • Takamine Accoustic Guitar with Tube preamp built in

 • Rickenbacker 4001 1970’s Bass Guitar

 • Fender 1970’s Precision Bass Guitar 2x

 • Peavey T40 Bass (heavy)

Synths, Keys & Piano's

• Rhodes 1977 Mark I tuned to better than specs by Rob Koops

• Rhodes 1982 Suitcase unmodified original

• Rhodes Chroma Syntheziser 2x

• Hammond A105 (same as B3 but with extra reverb tube amp/tube amp/4 speakers)

• Leslie 251 (same as 147 122 but with extra speaker/channel for reverb added)

• Yamaha YC45D Organ/Synth with Ribbon(very cool acts like a theremin)

• Wurlitzer A205 (same as a200 but with amp and speaker)

• Vox Continental 300 (Super Continental)

• Philips Philichorda Tube Organ 

• MicroKORG vocoder/synthesizer
• Yamaha RM1x Sequence Remixer
• Liebig Harmonium (1910)

• Yamaha UX3 (including QuietTime GT-2 mini - silent module)


Lounge Area (40m²/430ft²) 


History of the location

The Studio is located on the East side of the Amsterdam City center (15 minuts away from Amsterdam Central Station) and opened it's doors on the 10th of September 2010. Our studio complex is located in the historic building known as 'Loods 6'. The building is a former warehouse and passanger terminal in the old harbour of Amsterdam and was built by the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company, KNSM, at the beginning of the 1900’s.  It was the first building in the Netherlands to be constructed entirely out of cast concrete. 


The area has undergone a lot of turbulant changes throughout the years and is now a vibrant place with bars, restaurants, hotels and shops.


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