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Recording, Mixing &Mastering Studio

Amsterdam Recording Company


Our Story

We're a professional audio recording studio, located in the center of Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Founded by three musicians & gear heads, we've been recording and producing bands at ARC with our amazing team of engineers & producers  for over 10 years. 

We offer full audio recording, mixing, mastering and re-amping services and work with artists from all over the world, from big to small, from Jazz to Punk - which sometimes even results in a combination of both (Benjamin Herman's Bughouse for example).


The studio has a huge selection of unique and vintage microphones, amps and synths available for all your sessions.


Check out our complete selection on our Equipment List page.

1972 Polygram,

32 channel desk

At the heart of our studio we have a unique 32 channel Polygram (Philips) mixing console from 1972. The console was originally constructed by Philips because they felt that the top consoles at the time weren’t good enough for their prestigious Polygram studios and therefore decided to build their own. In doing so they set a standard which, in our opinion, has never been matched since. 


The desk can be completely disassembled and put in flightcases and because of that fact it has literally toured the world to recorded artists like Genesis.

Studio Reports & Events

Studio Reports & Events

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Meet Our Team

Igor Wouters | AmsterdRecordingam Company

Igor Wouters

Igor started out working with underground bands, diverging into a broad range of styles through the years, never guided by the limitations of any genre. As a musician Igor has toured Europe, Asia and the United States with the bands GOLD, Madball, 

Dominatör, Born From Pain and Backfire.

Philip J. Harvey | Amsterdam Recording Company

Philip J. Harvey

Originally from the US, Philip has called Amsterdam his home for the last couple of years. Aside from working as producer & engineer at ARC he is also the front of house engineer for Lorde, The Kills, Modest Mouse and My Bloody Valentine.

Menno Bakker | Amsterdam Recording Company

Menno Bakker

With over 25 years of recording and producing experience, Menno can be considered a seasoned veteran. He has worked with artist like Seein'Red, Ben- jamin Herman's Bughouse and Edward Sharp and the Magnetic Zeros.

Jean Morreau | Amsterdam Recording Company

Jean Morreau

Aside from working as producer & engineer, Jean is also one of ARC's co-founders and plays in the bands NRA, Human Alert, Angstgegner, Pauper and from time to time can also be found on stage with his solo project Copymaster.

All our team members offer recording, mixing, mastering, producing and coaching services. 

Clients & References

The People We've Worked With

Tracks Recorded at A.R.C

History of the location

The Studio is located on the East side of the Amsterdam City center (15 minuts away from Amsterdam Central Station) and opened it's doors on the 10th of September 2010. Our studio complex is located in the historic building known as 'Loods 6'. The building is a former warehouse and passanger terminal in the old harbour of Amsterdam and was built by the Royal Dutch Steamboat Company, KNSM, at the beginning of the 1900’s.  It was the first building in the Netherlands to be constructed entirely out of cast concrete. 


The area has undergone a lot of turbulant changes throughout the years and is now a vibrant place with bars, restaurants, hotels and shops.

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